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Japanese Knotweed – The News No House Buyer Wants To Hear

Posted by Emmaline Haywood on 1st July 2017

The Brasier Freeth Building Surveying team recently carried out a residential building survey. During the survey, it came to their attention that the garden was infested with Japanese Knotweed. This type of plant causes many problems for property owners  such as significant damage to foundations, pathways and drainage systems. If the plant is identified close to a property it can also impact mortgage applications and some banks may not lend. In this instance, the Building Surveying team were able to advise the house buyer on their potential future options and liabilities  which led to the sale not going through, which saved the Client a lot of money and time.

BF’s Christopher Pornaris recently carried out some research into to implications of Japanese Knotweed on properties and what to do if it is identified. For further information please download our guide to Japanese Knotweed on Residential Property’.

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